Privacy Policy

Seems presumptuous to have a privacy policy on such a small site. But it’s required for some affiliate programs.

So here it is. I have affiliate links on my site. If you click on them and buy something based on that, I get some money or something free. If you don’t like it, then please Google whatever product or service it was. Anything I’ve linked to is something I think is worth looking at even if I don’t benefit from it. (Honestly, the biggest benefit is just knowing someone saw my site and was interested enough to click on something.) I also have Google AdSense ads in the sidebar but I don’t vouch for those.

My comments are done through the DISQUS comment community and use your login credentials from one of several services if you choose to not post anonymously. That’s between you and those services.

Other than that and some basic website traffic reports I’m not collecting anything about you to sell to anyone. I’m not collecting email addresses, payment or login information. You’re safe with me 🙂

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