I Miss My Smartphone

We recently got rid of our iPhone 4’s in favor of T-Mobile prepaid phones to save money.
iphone money
I determined that even after termination fees of $265 a piece and buying a batch of prepaid minutes, we’d save $1800 over the course of the 18 months left on the contract. I was able to sell our iPhones for $500 each on Amazon so we’ve recouped the termination fees.

We bought cheap used Motorola Razr phones off Ebay and loaded each up with 1000 minutes for $100 which won’t expire for a year. Going off our past phone usage trends, those minutes may very well last us a year. Also, I’m using Google Voice for free outgoing calls when I’m at a computer and need to make a long call.

Despite the money saving benefits and my efforts to convince myself that the convenience of a smartphone wasn’t worth $130 a month, I find myself missing my iPhone. We have iPads (Wifi only) to replace most of the functionality of the iPhone and I’m LOVING it, but it’s not the same pocketable goodness the iPhone is.

Things I miss about my iPhone:

  • The camera. You don’t realize how much you use it until you don’t have it.
  • Having a book in my pocket. I carry my iPad most everywhere, but it’s still not as convenient.
  • My music. I mostly listen to music while in the car on long trips. The iPad really kinda sucks for that. Too big and my FM transmitter doesn’t charge it.
  • The alarm. WHY couldn’t they have put a simple alarm app on the iPad? Seriously
  • Being able to play games like Words with Friends and Chess with Friends while out of Wifi range.
  • Having all my contacts available to dial on my phone.
  • Being able to scan simple documents and QR codes with the camera.
  • Being able to lookup anything anywhere.

When we embarked on this non-iPhone adventure, I was convinced I would never go back to a phone contract again. Prepaid all the way. If we lived in Europe and could buy a fully loaded SIM card at the corner gas station, I would still be thinking that. But the data services and phone selection suck on pre-paid in the US. Now, I know that when my husband gets a full time job after school, we’ll be getting the next iPhones that come out after that.

4 Responses to “I Miss My Smartphone”

  1. Eric says:

    Thanks so much for figuring this out so I don’t have to!

    I was very interested in your experiment, but am highly dependent on my iPhone and mobile data access. Several of the apps I cannot live without just would not make any sense on iPad either (RunKeeper and a backpack maybe?), so I decided to stick with this phone/plan for now, though it is nice to at least have the option of hopping to Verizon!

    I’ve also figured out that no tablet meets my needs, but that’s highly specific to me personally. So I’m going to wait for that area to mature a bit more I think.

  2. Lisa Duncan says:

    Woot! First real person comment, hehe.

    Yeah, tablets are still in that expensive accessory area.

  3. Eric says:

    If iPad 3 gets the Retina display, I am SO there 🙂

  4. Lisa Duncan says:

    Ooo, that would be almost too much goodness!

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