How to Apply for Unemployment in South Carolina

by Lisa Dean

My husband just lost his job. Joy!! He needs to apply for unemployment and me, being the supportive spouse I am, found out what he needs to do to apply for unemployment.

His big question is, is of course:

How do I apply?

You can go to the unemployment office itself. However, the unemployment rate in South Carolina is 12% right now and it’s probably a very long line. To avoid that line you can apply online.

The site lets you register for work (a requirement) and unemployment at the same time online. Just click on the Online Claim Filing link on the front page. You can check your claim status and do your weekly benefit certification online as well or by phone.

I had two big questions which were answered on the SC Employment Security Commission’s FAQ:

How big will my unemployment check be?

If eligible, you can expect to draw approximately half of your regular pay, up to a maximum of $326.00 per week in South Carolina. The regular state program provides for a maximum of 26 weeks.

When will I get my check?

Most people can expect to receive a check in about 3 weeks.

Hopefully he won’t need the unemployment check for long but I’m glad it’s there.

SC Unemployment Claim webpage: