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Index.php Wouldn’t Load Correctly

I managed to screw up my website at some point. Index.php would not load correctly. You would instead be prompted to download a file. Other WordPress websites in my hosting package worked correctly and other PHP pages in this website worked — just not index.php. I casually troubleshooted it at times and kept being pointed […]

Powershell and Unicode

I’m writing a Powershell script that creates an FTP script and then runs the FTP command using that script. The file created fine and the FTP command ran but the FTP script did not work: $exportDirectory = “\\server\share” $file= “$exportDirectory\test.txt” function FTP-File($FTPusername, $FTPpassword, $FTPfile){       “open” > $exportDirectory\ftp.scr       $FTPusername >> $exportDirectory\ftp.scr       $FTPpassword >> $exportDirectory\ftp.scr       “put $FTPfile” >> $exportDirectory\ftp.scr       “quit” >> $exportDirectory\ftp.scr       ftp.exe -s:$exportDirectory\ftp.scr } FTP-File “username” “password” $file After struggling with it for a […]

Watch Youtube Videos At A Faster Speed

I’m currently going through the Udacity CS101 course. Much of the material I’ve already seen before in other languages but I don’t want to miss the Python specific information. Usually, in this situation, it feels like the video takes FOREVER to get through. I’ve used VLC to watch downloaded videos at a faster speed (1.5x […]

Help! I Can’t Find This User To Add Them to an Active Directory Group!

I ran into an issue at work where we couldn’t add a user to a local computer group. I later determined that you couldn’t find the user anytime you had to use the “Select Users, Contacts, Computers …” search window, like when you add the user to an AD group. You could, however, find the […]

Microsoft Log Parser: Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread

I just stumbled upon a utility today that is going to save me a LOT of time — Microsoft Log Parser 2.2. The past week has presented me with two different problems that I knew a SQL query would solve but my data was in text files and I wanted to keep it that way. […]